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Feb 20

Jessica has two favourite bears at the moment,  Boris – who we call Borispol after the airport in Kiev, which she has for the time being at least renamed Scoobie Doo and Saas Fee – a nice white snowmen type bear, named after the resort we visited for our last ski trip in 2008.  We all wanted to go skiing and take Jessica in 2009, but the Sasha’s passport was full of stamps and mum had to go to the Ukraine to sort it out.

Feb 20

I got the family  a video camera at Xmas, and I am planing to publish a couple of Jessica episodes on YouTube, I can then add the clips to Jessica’s site.

As the site develops it will be a great way for Jessica to see her photo’s and also our holiday stuff.

Feb 20

Granny is back from the Ukraine, and really enjoying being with the family again, she missed us all, and of course Jessie in particular.

Jessie was a little nervous seeing granny after 5 months, but within a couple of hours she got the idea again!

Its great for me and Taya as granny loves playing with the kiddies – so a bit more free time for us.

Feb 20

Jessie as we all know is very naughty – she has now taken to taking off her pampers and running around the house!

She does listen if I shout but not if I talk at normal levels.

I think it’s just the end of the terrible two’s but all the same – naughty little one.

She was off school again yesterday due to her cough.  Not sure if she got it from me or vice versa.

Feb 18


Jessica is now at old hall school nusery, she attends 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Jess is really loving it, and ask every day to go, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Feb 18

This blog is dedicated to my wonderful little daughter Jessica Galina Lawrence.

Born 12th October 2007.

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